Justyna Zubow

Fine Art Portrait Photographer


I am Justyna and I am the owner of the Justyna Zubow Photography in Farnborough. 

I think I was a photographer long before I pick up a camera. I was always an observer, the weird person with a too big imagination.  I discovered that people’s souls can be seen in the photographs. That camera can capture those moments of life which are passing inexorably but can be brought back in one single glance, through the photographs. Those are the reasons why I love portraiture more than any other form of photography. Because is so real so here and now and I know that they will be cherished forever. In 2017 I have graduated Photography Institute and decided to devote myself to my love of portrait photography.  

My portraiture mission is to capture connection which we have with our self, the sort of connection which we are not aware of. The filling you have when being photographed is so incredibly intense and last in you for a while after the session. 


I have been told that the way I work it’s so relaxing, I try to put my clients at ease. Being on the front of the camera is difficult for most, that’s why choosing the right photographer it’s so important. 

Sessions with Justyna Zubow Photography are carefully designed for each model. We are going to decide on the place and clothing as well as props, together with choosing the right fit for you.  

Sessions could be arranged at any date and time of the day depending on the client's needs. Home, studio, or location shoots are available. 


Please email me at  justynazubow11@icloud.com or drop me a text at 07540540742  


Fine art portraits are not just the photographs, they are the vision of the artists which is central to the resulting shot. My fine art portraiture is intended for the wall art. Timeless portraiture, art form in their own right. 


I love people, and that’s the biggest reason why I focus on photographing human form.

Family portraits are one way to show the dynamics between the loved ones. Relationships between family members change with time and age of the children, so the possibility to capture the purity of this relationships is priceless.


My favourite theme of photography is children portraiture. With children portraiture, there is no space for falsehood. Children are natural and stripped of imposed expressions. It’s a real reflection of their soul and character, and this is what I am mostly trying to visualise in my portrait photography. Besides that, as a mother of a fabulous little girl, I know how important and short those moments are.

Camberley, Firmley, Bagshot, Sandhurst, Fleet, Aldershot, Farnham, Ascot, woking, Bracknell


When a human form has many forms and shapes, one is taking a different spin recently from the past. Birth photography is something new and fascinating. And it’s a chapter and one of the forms of portrait photography. The moment of birth only recently had become something of a unique celebration thus something worth remembering and cherishing. Birth photography is this pure form of capturing truly magnificent and most important moments in life, a beginning of a new life and a new member of a family.

Camberley, Firmley, Bagshot, Sandhurst, Fleet, Aldershot, Farnham, Ascot, woking, Bracknell

Justyna Zubow Photography

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